Advantages: Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park


Geographical Advantages

Enjoying huge potential and outstanding prospects for economic development, Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park provides services for Tianjin and Beijing, two of the municipalities directly under the Chinese Central Government. It also provides services for the five provinces of Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Qinghai and Gansu, the three autonomous regions of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Ningxia and parts of Henan and Shandong provinces. The area serviced by the Park is a total of 4.5 million square kilometers. Because of its extensive and close economic links with the rim region of the Bohai Sea, the Logistics Park plays a crucial role in northeast Asia.

Functional Advantages

Located in the northeastern section of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park is adjacent to the container terminal of Tianjin Port. Tianjin Bonded Logistic Park enjoys the same Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone policies. For export processing it enjoys the same Export Processing Zone policies. The policies of Export Processing Zone are that the flow of domestic cargoes into the Park being treated as if they were completed export custom clearance and being entitled to tax reimbursement. Cargoes which exit the park for the domestic market must go through custom clearance procedures in accordance with the stipulations governing imports and with taxes collected on the basis of the cargoes material circumstances. Cargoes inside the park may circulate freely with no value added tax or consumption tax levied.

International Warehousing Functions

Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park provides services such as the consolidation and deconsolidation of incoming foreign and domestic cargoes, import and export, concentrated shipment of goods in transit, rapid consolidation of cargoes from different countries and internationally co-ordinate freight express transport.

International Distributing and Delivery Functions

Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park provides services of sorting, distributing and delivery of incoming domestic and foreign cargoes. It also offers distribution and delivery services for domestic and foreign value-added processed goods.

International Procurement Functions

Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park can arrange the purchasing of incoming foreign and domestic cargoes, value-added processing, oversea and domestic distribution and concentrated shipment of import and export cargoes.

International Trade Functions

The enterprises operating at Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park are free to engage in the import and export trade, warehousing, freight transport and service trade between the park and foreign countries.

Superior Mode of Business Operation

Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Administration is in charge of the administrative affairs at the Logistics Park. Customs, inspection and quarantine agencies are available to offer their services. Administration of foreign exchange, state taxation, local taxation, public security, fire fighting and other relevant management functions and bodies which are established in the Free Trade Zone now extend their functions to the Logistic Park, providing all necessary and required services and functions.

Tianjin Bonded Logistics Park boasts a first-rate informative management mode

The Park's public information platform allows easy access to the customs house, inspection and quarantine agencies, foreign exchange control departments, taxation bureaus, banks, and all other relevant institutions. An automatic electronic license plate identification system and an electronic clearance system is available which brings convenience to container trucks and all other types of incoming freight transport vehicles at the Logistics Park. Finally, the use of a “Once Only” declaration, inspection and customs clearance procedure creates a closer link between the Logistics Park and the Tianjin Port.

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