Tianjin airport industry park

Tianjin Airport Industrial Park lies to the northeast of Tianjin Airport. It is 3 kilometers away from downtown Tianjin, 30 kilometers away from Tianjin port, 110 kilometers away from Beijing and connected with main railway. The park is and foreign-oriented economic zone specializing in manufacturing, Logistics, Hi-tech R&D and international trade.

The zone gives the priority to the development of high-tech manufacturing industries and international logistics industries. The zone is composed of bonded warehousing area, high and new technological industry, business service area and residential area. According to the plan of layout of industrial distribution, Electronics & Information Industrial Park, Life Sciences Industrial Park, Auto Parts Industrial Park, New Material Industrial Park and High-tech Pioneering Park are established here.

The Administrative Committee of the zone administer the area on the aspects of enterprise registration, land planning, construction and so on, moreover, the Committee offer efficient services, such as joint service and through attorney system, and so on. Tianjin Airport Industrial Park is becoming the most attractive area for investment of Bohai Bay Area with excellent geographical location and peculiar advantages of FTZ.

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